What our OEM Partnerships Mean to Us

The importance of robust and advanced AV solutions is only rising in prominence especially as the hybrid workplace becomes an established reality. It’s clear now that the right AV solution design can act as the backbone of this new work environment, enabling collaboration and driving communication and innovation.

Developing the right AV design to meet the needs of enterprises involves assessing the wide gamut of software and hardware solutions available in the market. Today there are so many world-class, technologically advanced products that can come together to deliver a fantastic end-user experience. However, as an AV integrator, to deliver the best solutions, we know that we must have the best OEM partnerships.

Our OEM partnerships help us in bringing globally established brands and practices to our clients. Working with these OEMs also helps us in penetrating untapped markets and potentials. That apart, OEM partnerships also help in bring latest tech to the market. Of course, this is not a one-way street. Even the OEM needs partners like Resurgent to help them acquire of new clients and users.

We believe that our OEM partners have a very big role to play in our success. That they are some of the most innovative AV technology providers and have some of the most advanced and current products contribute towards this significantly. But it’s not just the hardware that contributes to success alone. Given the complexities in the AV space, successful partnerships are built on more than just great hardware.

So, what do we look for in our OEM partners?

Quality assurance

Our staunch commitment to quality is resolute and reflected in all the AV integrations and solutions we have designed. We like to be confident about the solutions we design and the hardware and AV solutions we employ to make these designs deliver value. One of the key traits we seek in our OEM partners, as such, is unwavering attention to quality assurance. We consciously seek to develop partnerships with OEMs that have a reputation for high-quality apart from robust quality control and quality assurance methodologies and processes in place.

On-time Service Support

We pride ourselves on the support that we provide to our clients and believe that this is the true test of commitment towards your end-users. To capably deliver on this, we need to make sure that our OEM partners have equally robust service support mechanisms in place.

We look to partner with those OEMs who have clearly fleshed out support processes, have a strong engineering and technical backbone powered by knowledgeable and experienced staff to deliver timely help when it is needed. This helps us to deliver great service to our customers but it also helps us learn from their systems and processes to become better.

Timely Product updates and new solution introduction

Enterprises today want the most current and updated technology options powering their business. As AV becomes central to driving efficiencies, communication, collaboration, and innovation in the hybrid workplace, the need to get the most from the AV investments also rises. In a competitive market, timely product updates can be a big competitive differentiator.

To be able to address enterprise needs, we need to make sure that we operate with the most professional and technologically advanced OEM partners who are known for their ability to react proactively to the changing needs of the market by providing timely product updates.

In such a market, it is also essential to have the capacity to deliver solutions according to the evolving and dynamic needs of the enterprises. As such, we make sure of building relationships with OEM partners based on their commitment to adapt and enable change. The names in our partner network include brands that can capably adapt to new technologies as per global standards and can deliver new solutions for new scenarios.

For example, keeping the demands on social protocols owing to the pandemic, we have been able to deliver solutions for the remote workers and enabled touchless technology for our clients as our OEM partners have been quick to respond to the changing dynamics of the market.

On-time, full-fledged training

We are AV integrators who provide cutting-edge and customized solutions to meet the everyday and advanced AV needs of the enterprise. To deliver this, we need to make the correct main and ancillary AV product choices. Implementation is crucial. We also make sure that we provide robust training to our clients to help them better understand the potential of the solutions.

To deliver such high-level training, we need OEM partners who can train us on their products. As such, we value OEM partners who not only provide us with on-time, regular and full-fledged training but can extend the same to our customers also should the need arise.

As a leading AV integrator, we have always sought OEM partners who align with our organizational values and contribute towards our strategy of delivering cutting-edge AV solutions that power up the enterprise with agility. Our OEM partners are not just brands that give us AV systems and solutions. They are the partners who help us deliver success and as such are an extremely central part of our strategic ecosystem.

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