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How Surgers Make the Most of Their Passion as Well as Their Skills ?

Passion is a powerful force, one that has built some cities and torn down others. Most people dream of finding their passions early on so that they can devote themselves to them. Many people practice what they’re passionate about on the side as hobbies, but the ultimate desire is to find a job that brings out this feeling every day. That may sound idealistic to most but it’s possible to find work that combines an individual’s skills, values, and passions. When a person finds work such as this, they’re motivated to do better every day. It powers them to work consistently, and with energy.

Inspiration Is at Our Core

At Resurgent, we’re aware of the power of passion in work and how it can drive individuals to do their best. Inspiration is in our very foundation, as we work with new-age technology. Along with that, our values include responsibility, privacy, trust, security, and creating genuine connections between technology and humans. Our founders have said, “Humans equipped with their five senses hold potential beyond accomplishing mundane tasks, must be channelized in the right path to ensure these senses are utilized more than just for survival while the most exhilarating among these, senses are our eyes and ears.” These solutions are about evoking reactions beyond the mundane. We were captivated by the advancements of Audio Visual technology and its ability to add a superior quality experience to human life and expanding the horizons. That’s why our mission is all about building these technologies into the larger corporate landscape to bring a spectacular human connect centric experience to deliver the best experience and grow their business substantially.

It’s this vision that makes Surgers feel like they’re a part of something bigger than themselves. This isn’t just a job – it’s a revolutionary movement in the world of tech that is linked to human emotion.

Employee Focussed Company

But it’s not just about the company, it’s about our employees. Our team consists of 80 individuals who feel rewarded for their work and challenged and engaged by their tasks. Each individual’s passions are reflected in the kind of work Resurgent does. They’re encouraged to integrate their passions and interests with their work. By doing this, Surgers feel more confident and fulfilled. Meghana, our “Lead Happiness” (yes, we have a “Lead Happiness”) had taken the lead in asking Surgers about what they did in their “Me-time”. Passions as diverse as farming, taking care of animals, sketching, and traveling to temples were revealed. The motivation behind asking people what they cared about was to acknowledge that we care about what makes these people whole and the influences and motivations that drive their inner being. This is important to them, so it must be important to us!

Leaders Empowered to Build Strong Teams

Employees feel their best when they are led by role models who help them improve their skills while setting examples. Surger leaders try to meet these ideals while looking beyond efficiency and growth. They’re equipped to lead with ethics, foster responsibility, and act as a family. Spearheading this sense of camaraderie are our visionary leaders. With nearly 5 decades of combined experience, Sanjeev Srinivasan and Bopanna P. N. combine passion and perfection. It would be fair to say that they believe purpose and performance are inherently linked. It’s this energy, creativity, and vision that inspires Surgers every day.

Plans for The Future

The AV industry is thriving in India and growing at a healthy rate. The opportunities are immense and Resurgent, is well-placed to show the way. Current success and the expectation of future recognition also serve to ignite the passion of Surgers.

Today, the AV industry has new products and solutions emerging and we are crafting creative solutions with innovation and skill. Passion for futuristic technology drives Surgers to plunge into areas AI, IoT, Machine Learning, and more such technology that is transforming the landscape of tech as we speak. Autonomous technologies are also making a huge buzz and we’re proud to say that we’re committed to becoming leaders in this area.

The industry is blooming and booming like never before and Surgers know that they’re right in the middle of the action.

How We Bring Even More Value

Our most valuable contributions go beyond our technical expertise, years of experience, and cutting-edge solutions. Surgers aspire to be leaders in every domain. Resurgent contributes in its way to reduce their environmental impact, participate in fair trade, and make investments that are socially and environmentally conscious. We desire to give back to society and volunteer in the community while bringing up tough subjects such as labour policies and more.

Being a Surger is far more than a job, it’s a dedication to a life where you combine the most exciting and dynamic technology in the market and your passion and values. This is what empowers Surgers to make a difference.

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