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Meeting Experience – What Is It and Why Is It Important?

Meeting Experience – What Is It and Why Is It Important?

In the current remote and mixed work environments, meetings have become crucial. They help people gather, share their thoughts, make decisions, and discuss topics in settings ranging from team huddles to executive sessions. Although we are experiencing an increase in technological advancements along with virtual interactions, some might consider the idea of a “meeting” old-fashioned. The importance of the “meeting experience” is significant within this framework. It includes an understanding of how participants feel during these gatherings as well as the lasting impact they leave behind.

The article talks about why the meeting experience matters, what it includes, and how to make meetings more effective and meaningful.

What is the Meeting Experience?

The meeting experience encompasses the overall efficacy and atmospheric ambience of a meeting. It considers factors such as clear communication amongst attendees, active engagement, attentive listening, staying on the agenda, and achieving a sense of progress. Additionally, it considers aspects like the comfort level of the virtual space, as well as the tools and aids utilized during the meeting. Making the meeting experience better means making sure all these parts work well together.

Why is the Meeting Experience Important?

Today, a significant portion of employees are working from home or toggling between home and office. Hence, the quality of the meeting experience has skyrocketed in importance. With about 12.7% of full-time workers and 28.2% adopting a hybrid work approach as of 2023, meetings have become the primary means for teams to connect, collaborate, and decide on important matters. The meeting experience is crucial as it bridges the physical gap between team members, providing a sense of connection and unity. Moreover, it offers structure and routine in the often unstructured remote work environment. Most importantly, it fosters effective communication, collaboration, and decision-making, vital elements for maintaining productivity and cohesion in dispersed teams.

The Downside of a Poor Meeting Experience

Miscommunication and Missed Information

A deficiency of organization and explicit goals in a meeting can impede comprehension of its meaning and the resolutions being reached. Consequently, crucial information may be misconstrued or overlooked entirely, precipitating misunderstandings and potential errors moving forward. Such an occurrence can prove exceptionally harmful when addressing pivotal undertakings or client requirements.

Decreased Productivity and Wasted Time

When meetings lack clear direction or deviate from their main purpose, participants risk becoming disengaged and losing their focus. This not only results in a squandering of time but also impedes team members from fulfilling their assigned tasks and meeting deadlines. In addition, unproductive meetings demand valuable resources for planning and follow-up, ultimately diverting attention away from crucial work that must be accomplished.

Frustration and Disengagement

The style and structure of a meeting can affect how team members feel and participate. If meetings are disorganized, filled with off-topic talk, or controlled only by some people, this may lead to team participants feeling frustrated or disconnected. This type of environment could create an unhealthy atmosphere that prevents effective teamwork and collaboration within the group.

Hindered Creativity and Innovation

Meetings are like a garden for ideas and concepts to grow. But, when the meeting is not satisfactory it can block the flow of innovation and creativity. If meetings are poorly organized, team members might feel discouraged from sharing their thoughts or exploring outside of conventional thinking patterns. This can stop creative thinking and limit the potential for new solutions.

The Power of a Good Meeting Experience

Clear Communication and Shared Understanding

Teams hold meetings to ensure that team members are on the same page and have a clear understanding of goals, tasks, and objectives. A positive meeting experience encourages effective conversation among team members and helps in developing a shared comprehension. It gives space for people to inquire, and express their views and ideas as well as clear any confusion. This leads to better alignment and improves the overall efficiency of the team.

Efficient Use of Time and Focused Discussions

Preparing and setting expectations for all attendees is crucial for a successful meeting experience and optimal use of time. Productive meetings usually have clear plans and concentrate on certain subjects, which often produce better results. This keeps team members involved and concentrated, leading to more significant discussions and useful outcomes.

Increased Employee Satisfaction and Retention

Having a positive experience during meetings can greatly impact employees’ overall job satisfaction and retention as they spend a significant amount of their day in these gatherings. When employees feel their time is used well, along with knowing their opinions matter, it boosts motivation to work actively. Consequently, workers are more likely to have satisfaction in their jobs and remain in the organization for a longer time.

Enhanced Creativity and Collaborative Problem-solving

When team members with different backgrounds and expertise gather in a meeting, they bring an assorted collection of ideas and viewpoints. A well-managed meeting allows people to think together and exchange views, resulting in fresh answers. It also promotes cooperation and group formation, which are crucial for the success of any project or organization.


The meeting experience holds significant importance in remote and hybrid work arrangements, serving as a pivotal instrument for exchanging ideas, working together, and making decisions. Prioritizing a positive meeting experience bolsters efficiency and cultivates employee contentment and retention. Companies may utilize meetings to inspire creativity and accomplishment in today’s virtual work world by stressing clear communication, good time management, and encouraging a collaborative environment.

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