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The AV Heart of NOCs and SOCs in Modern Enterprises

The AV Heart of NOCs and SOCs in Modern Enterprises

Given the current state of online threats, no business leader can underestimate the importance of cybersecurity. With the rapid evolution of the threat landscape, the increasing sophistication of cyberattacks, and the increasing volume of alerts, curbing the looming threat has become more challenging than ever.

To improve the pace and effectiveness of their incident response and security-related processes, organisations are considering integrating their network operations centre (NOC) with their security operations centre (SOC). In a report, Nelson Hernandez of the SANS Institute stated that the “Integration of a NOC/SOC is starting to gain traction.” He added that, for many organisations, this integration is the “best way to lower costs, increase efficiency, and optimise their resources.”

But why exactly do modern enterprises need NOCs and SOCs? Let’s discuss this in this blog, alongside the significant role that AV solutions play in ensuring their effective operations.

Why Modern Organisations Need Both NOCs and SOCs

Despite the growing reliance on modern technologies, organisations continue to experience some operational downtime every year. 40% of enterprises say even an hour of downtime can cost them around $1 million to $5 million. For Fortune 1,000 companies, in particular, the research points to a loss of $1 million for every hour of downtime.

Besides, due to a shortage of cybersecurity professionals, most organisations have an understaffed security team. 30% of cybersecurity teams have reported increasing workload, while 35% have to manage extra projects.

Beyond these challenges, SOCs have to deal with a growing volume and sophistication of cyberattacks and online threats. At its highest level, the capabilities of the SOC have remained unchanged. While it continues to help organisations address their cyber risks, the security mechanics have gone through a drastic transformation. 

For instance, “traditional” business data previously resided in on-premises servers. This is now distributed across cloud platforms and data centers around the world. In the current circumstances, SOCs and NOCs can no longer address security problems manually. The next-gen operations centres will rely more on automation to address their issues. 

Organisations operating NOCs and SOCs will need audiovisual (AV) technology to control their vast array of distributed servers, networks, and connected devices. But how can AV technology address security-related issues? Let’s find out.

How AV Solutions Can Improve NOCs and SOCs

As part of their cybersecurity apparatus, modern enterprises need continuous visibility into their IT infrastructure. Modern network operation centres are required to control both on-premises and cloud-hosted resources spread across geographical locations. 

Audiovisual (or AV) technology can play a critical role in the visibility and control of the organisation’s physical and virtual infrastructure. Here are some of its capabilities:

1. Real-Time Data Visibility

High-resolution video technology provides security teams with fast access to critical information from multiple data sources. Besides data visibility, this helps them improve their situational awareness to respond to a security threat or challenge.

2. Real-Time Access to Information

Using AV solutions, SOC and NOC teams can access real-time information in various formats. This includes audio, video, and data feeds. This helps them understand any security incidents as and when they happen.

3. Remote Collaboration

With audio-video collaboration tools, organisations can easily integrate their in-house and remote cybersecurity teams (no matter which location). Besides leveraging their skills, organisations can benefit from a coordinated and collaborative response.

4. Integrating NOCs and SOCs

AV technology solutions can also help organisations centralise their SOCs and NOCs to effectively monitor their physical infrastructure and critical networks. This can help operations teams streamline their process flows and resolve problems. With this integrated approach, operation centres can process more real-time information in less time and provide better troubleshooting.

As an AV integrator, Resurgent has differentiated its service with a “human-centric” approach toward implementing audiovisual solutions for its global customers. We enable organisations to implement the best response to concerns around cybersecurity across their global operations.

Our holistic services include the following:

  • Human-centric audiovisual solutions that are easy and intuitive
  • Customised AV solutions designed to meet organisational needs
  • Installation and integration of AV technology using a single centralised system
  • Global alliance with PSNI for technical expertise in the latest AV technology

The Way Forward for Modern Enterprises

More organisations are adopting both NOCs and SOCs to improve their response to any security incident and threat, and understandably so. However, they can no longer rely solely on “human” intervention to monitor their operations centres. Therefore, it bodes well that modern enterprises are inclined towards adopting automation technology like audiovisual tools to improve their security infrastructure.

At Resurgent, we have successfully implemented 2,904 business solutions and 883 projects for over 120 global customers. Our team of AV professionals can assess and comprehend your existing infrastructure and accordingly recommend the best security-related solution.

Do you want to know how? Book a free consultation with our AV experts today.

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