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How AV Solutions Are Helping Transform Employee Training

How AV Solutions Are Helping Transform Employee Training

Traditionally, on-job training and shadowing have long been seen as the most immersive ways to train employees. However, as new technologies like Generative AI emerge and businesses transform, continuous employee training has become a norm for companies to keep pace with changes and stay relevant in a hyper-competitive environment. 

According to a Korn Ferry study, more than 85 million jobs will go unfilled by 2030 due to a shortage of skilled talent, leading to an annual $8.5 trillion revenue loss. 

Employee training can help fill those gaps. Companies can innovate, generate more revenue, and retain employees through appropriate and effective training. According to a 2021 Gallup survey, 65% of employees cited upskilling opportunities as an important factor in evaluating a job. 

However, as more employees work remotely, organisations face challenges in simultaneously conducting training sessions for everyone. Traditional offline training methods don’t work anymore. They are expensive and time-consuming. 

It’s time to digitally transform employee training and make it accessible and enjoyable for all employees.

How Can AV Solutions Transform Employee Training?

Many training approaches lack the engagement and interactivity that audiovisual (AV) solutions provide. AV solutions that are used powerfully in this scenario include projectors, screens, audio systems, and other devices such as whiteboards. The effective bundling and deployment of these solutions can help companies in:

1. Saving Time and Cost on Training

Research suggests that a mid to small-sized company spends over $341,505, while a large-sized company spends over $17.5 million annually on training. These could include travel and hospitality costs, training materials, and more. The costs increase if the training requires employees to travel to other cities. And let’s not forget the time spent coordinating with trainers and employees and organising training. 

Instead, organisations can use meeting platforms like Microsoft Teams, projectors, and screens to train employees simultaneously at different locations. Employees can log in from anywhere without incurring additional costs on travel. This helps companies save time and costs. 

2. Improving Knowledge Retention

More than 65% of the population are visual learners, and 30% are auditory learners. They learn quickly and retain knowledge better when trained with audiovisual elements such as images, videos, whiteboards, and graphs. Since 90% of information transmitted to the brain is visual, employees comprehend the concepts better and remember them longer when information is presented in an audiovisual format. 

Companies can use interactive whiteboard tools like Microsoft Surface Hub 2S to collaborate with employees across geographies to visualise ideas and explain concepts to them. It has a modular camera and two-way stereo speakers that improve the training’s overall audiovisual quality.

3. Making Training More Interactive

Remember the old days of offline training when employees could interact with trainers and peers? These interactive training sessions were enjoyable and motivated employees to learn fast. But that level of interactivity is no longer visible in current online training. Most online training sessions are monotonous, with almost no two-way interactions with trainers or peers. Employees lose interest midway through the session. 

Training sessions should be more interactive to encourage employees to learn more effectively. They must allow employees to ask queries to the coaches and interact and brainstorm ideas with their peers. Audiovisual solutions like Microsoft Teams and Microsoft Surface Hub 2S enable employees to interact with peers and trainers and have a more productive training session. 

Trainers can also create huddle rooms with solutions like Resurgent’s Unified Communication Systems to break employees into small groups. This helps employees to brainstorm more effectively and makes training fun.

4. Organising Large Training

Modern workplaces comprise a mix of hybrid and remote employees working across various countries and continents. Organising a large training session with all of them can be challenging. 

However, these challenges can be addressed with solutions like Resurgent’s Unified Communication Systems. Trainers can integrate the Unified Communication System with video conferencing tools like Microsoft Teams to allow more than 1000 employees to participate in the training from anywhere. The trainer and employees can also store files on the cloud and share them with others. This helps improve employee collaboration, making large training sessions hassle-free and effective. 

5. Improving Employee Onboarding Training

Good onboarding training is essential to acclimatise employees to the company culture, values, and policies. Multiple studies show that new employees feel disengaged and lost due to poor onboarding training. 

Most companies give employees access to HR policies and other documents to ramp up the joining process. According to O.C. Tanner Institute’s research, only 43% of employees experienced more than a one-day orientation and a packet of information on benefits as a part of onboarding. 

Besides changing the onboarding workflow, companies must make onboarding training more exciting and interactive for employees. One way to do that is through video training. Companies can offer video training to expedite the onboarding process and, at the same time, ensure that employees are aware of the company’s core values and ethics and the benefits they are eligible to receive. 

Transform Employee Training with Resurgent’s AV Solutions

AV solutions are undoubtedly necessary to transform employee training, especially in a hybrid workplace. However, integrating diverse communication tools, applications, and devices can take time and effort. Companies need a unified AV training solution to overcome this challenge. 

We at Resurgent provide highly interactive AV training solutions designed to improve the training experience through superior-quality sound systems, wall plates for wired presentations, interactive displays and projectors, and advanced wireless presentation systems. Our AV training solutions seamlessly connect teams across different locations on a single platform, enhance interactions, and improve overall training’s impact.

Book a free consultation to learn more about how our AV solutions can transform employee training in your company. 

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