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The Changing Face of Board and Meeting Rooms (And the AV Dimension)

The Changing Face of Board and Meeting Rooms (And the AV Dimension)

The hybrid work model seemed like a quick and effective alternative to the traditional business model. No one ever imagined it would become mainstream. Now that it’s here to stay, businesses must ensure they have the tech, tools, and policies in place, especially as board and meeting rooms undergo a transformational shift. 

Read on to uncover the changes hybrid working has brought to the meeting room and how effective AV integration can help organisations keep up with the pace of change! 

The Workplace Transformation Brought by Hybrid Working

A majority of the global workforce today is working from locations other than their office, including their homes, cafes, and more. Many also access enterprise networks on the go. The sudden and widespread shift to hybrid work is being reflected in various statistics. The number of daily active users of Microsoft Teams increased from 75 million in Q2 2020 to 270 million two years later. Likewise, the collaboration software market revenue, for instance, which was valued at $19.5 billion in 2022, is forecast to increase to nearly $21 billion by 2026. 

Boardrooms and meeting spaces are changing in modern enterprises in the wake of hybrid work. They play a key role in welcoming this new era and way of working. What was once a solely face-to-face endeavour is now spanning different locations, devices, and networks, with massive disruption happening: 

Layout Changes

In the modern workplace, a big screen in the middle of a conference room can no longer keep the hybrid team engaged. Meetings need to cater to a mix of in-person and remote attendees and enable interaction in a way that makes everyone feel equally heard and seen. They need to be adaptable and offer centralised control for efficient management. 

New Design Elements

With employees now connecting from different devices and locations, several new design elements are being introduced. 

  • 4k video that allows remote workers to participate in meetings just as efficiently as their office counterparts. 
  • 360-degree smart camera that captures attendees and gives remote employees a sense of inclusion. 
  • High-quality screens that simplify communication between remote and hybrid setups and promote meaningful interaction. 
  • Whiteboarding capabilities that stimulate creativity and allow remote and onsite employees to brainstorm new ideas. 
  • Video walls that relay important information and enable employees to stay updated with the latest announcements. 

Different Ambient Conditions

Hybrid board and meeting rooms need to cater to an entirely different set of ambient conditions. From noisy households to intermittent network connections on the go, hybrid meeting rooms need to address the needs of a workforce that is increasingly working from locations other than the traditional office space.

The AV Implementation Imperative 

In the past three years, the pace of digital transformation has increased multifold. As companies change their outlook towards digitalisation and develop a set of policies that align their business and technology goals, the transformation happening in the workplace is massive. As hybrid board and meeting rooms become the norm, they need to transcend spaces and connect people across multiple locations and devices. 

All in all, as organisations expand globally and work cultures become increasingly hybrid, investing in and implementing advanced audio-video (AV) systems can enable high levels of agility. Audio-video integration can facilitate quick, high-impact discussions between key decision-makers. 

Combining the latest high-end technology and advanced lighting and sound capabilities with flawless connectivity and superior clarity, these AV solutions enable hybrid workers to: 

  • Enjoy premium audio and videoModern AV solutions offer superior and consistent audio and video capabilities that ensure everyone in the meeting room is heard and comprehended. They also ensure seamless connectivity while offering employees the ability to control lighting, audio, and video using intuitive touch-based interfaces and always maintain the right meeting atmosphere. 
  • Boost collaboration: Today’s AV platforms enable hybrid workers to schedule meetings in advance, choose different backgrounds, and bring all participants into the same interactive virtual space.
  • Make meetings more impactful: Implementing AV systems is a great way to make meetings more impactful. These systems enable employees to create chat groups, form channels for specific topics, write notes using rich text, host online events, and present material more effectively.
  • Streamline interactions: Investing in the right AV solutions also aids in streamlining interactions. Employees can use a single platform with the latest AV infrastructure to create the right impression at every touchpoint with advanced meeting, video conferencing, and digital display capabilities. 
  • Present diverse content: AV implementation is also a great way for hybrid employees to meet, ideate, and collaborate. Interactive whiteboarding capabilities, for instance, allow them to present diverse content across large and small spaces. 

Reimagine Meetings with Resurgent

As the lines between in-office and remote teams continue to blur, board and meeting rooms are undergoing a paradigm shift. To maintain the right levels of collaboration, productivity, and efficiency, organisations must explore the benefits of advanced AV platforms. The right systems can transform the traditional meeting space by streamlining workflows and connecting teams across devices and locations. They can also boost the quality of interactions and give everyone the same space at the table. 

At Resurgent, we offer a comprehensive suite of AV integration services. From consulting and design to installation, integration, training, and support, carve a futuristic vision of meetings with Resurgent. Learn how our end-to-end approach to AV implementation and integration can change the face of meetings as you know it!

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