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Top 5 Eye-Catching (And Powerful) Applications of Video Walls

Top 5 Eye-Catching (And Powerful) Applications of Video Walls

A report from Mordor Intelligence forecasts the video wall market to grow at a CAGR of 11% from 2023 to 2028. In the same report, Asia Pacific stands tall as the fastest-growing market for video walls, owing to its digital advertising spending. 

The adoption of digital advertising is also increasing in India, with a growth rate of 16% recorded in 2022 and an expected increase in expenditure by 15.2% in 2023. The video wall industry, though in a nascent phase, presents a massive opportunity for various sectors with its diverse, eye-catching use cases. 

Globally, video walls are transforming the marketplace with impressive benefits. Some of these include:

  • Effective in capturing attention for proper marketing
  • Easy to manage and interchange brand messaging 
  • Cost-effective in comparison to traditional signage 
  • Save time and resources in sending out broadcast messages 
  • Offer a personalised and interactive approach to businesses

Top Applications of Video Walls

Video walls, better understood as digital signage, are slowly cropping up in all public spaces. From airports to malls, these video walls serve several purposes. Before investing in a video wall for your business, consider their top applications:


Video walls are a modern means of information delivery for companies across multiple sectors. These visual displays aid in better understanding when specific information has to be relayed. For example, it is easier to spot flight timings and track any status updates at airports through video walls. 

Retail stores can also put their best-selling product data on visual boards to help customers. 90% of buyers believe videos help them make better purchase decisions. Large screens are especially helpful in showing plenty of information in one go while making information exchange simple and effective. 

Multiple Content Outlets

One of the best uses of video walls is leveraging each screen as a separate display. Different content across displays helps companies utilise the screen area for more information consumption. Such usage is common in security and news monitoring rooms, where one has to keep an eye on multiple feeds simultaneously. 

Video walls make it easier to manage multiple content outlets and create a customisable experience for the end user with a unified platform. You can choose from a variety of processors for these visual displays, depending on the necessity. They have great utility in corporate offices for running messages in the lobby and break rooms or for guiding during emergencies. 

Social Media Boards 

High-quality immersive displays support detailed and quick real-time data visualisation. Many companies have started utilising video walls to showcase content from a variety of their social media channels. This serves to open an altogether new avenue for amplifying engagement.

Social signage is also becoming common in promotional events and ad spaces. Brands can instantly capture an audience with an ongoing content stream from social media. Plus, they can effectively run hashtag campaigns and reach out directly to their target audience. These social media boards can also double up as advertising boards, helping curate engaging content and adjusting it frequently. 

Interactive Signage for Better CX

A survey previously reported how unplanned purchases increased by 80% in the targeted restaurants with the help of digital signage. Elsewhere, a survey outlined that over 60% of banks use digital signage for their customer communication. If you want similar growth for your business, consider placing interactive signage as a visual aid. 

Some common ways to utilise interactive signage is by placing it in public spaces, malls, museums, etc., to help visitors with directions. Such signage can also serve well as self-service kiosks, digital menu boards, special advertisement boards, etc. These visual walls are equipped with a touch screen to create an intelligent, interactive experience. 

Education and Participation

The most significant benefit of having a video wall is that it can help create an immersive experience for the viewers. Our brain can process visual information 60,000 times faster than text. This is why companies with effective visual communication have also reported four times better employee engagement. In fact, 96% of students believe they remember digital display visuals for a longer time. 

That said, these displays are ideal for effectively conveying the intended message across classrooms, corporate offices, workshops, etc. They can enhance the delivery of messages, increase engagement and participation, and help students or employees visualise and grasp concepts easily.

The Bottom Line

Technology doesn’t have to be too complicated to adapt. Video walls are highly useful, easy to use, and suit a wide range of sectors. They can enhance your brand’s image and boost your customer experience. 

At Resurgent, we help the healthcare, education, retail, residential and corporate spaces gear up for an immersive future. With our interactive and easy-to-install digital signage, organisations can instantly modernise their traditional spaces like waiting rooms and meeting rooms. These displays have great potential for engagement and can cater to the ever-evolving business needs with customisations and flexibility. Schedule a free consultation call with us today for more information.

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