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A Sound And Image Symphony – The Synergy Of Technology That Makes Microsoft Teams Rooms Work Amazingly

A Sound And Image Symphony – The Synergy Of Technology That Makes Microsoft Teams Rooms Work Amazingly

Hybrid mode is here to stay among all major employers but there is a new set of challenges that needs immediate attention. These cracks and complaints emerge as people working out of an office and those working remotely try to collaborate over meetings to get stuff done. Fragmented, inconsistent, and patchy experiences that create dissonance between employees based on where they are based are creating friction, hurting productivity, and dragging down efficiency.

Meeting spaces that meaningfully integrate physical and virtual conferencing experiences have become the need of the hour. Let’s take a look at the tools and technologies required to make the physical and virtual come together in this manner.

The Rise of MS Teams Rooms

Microsoft Teams Rooms, Microsoft’s powerful collaboration tool offered a whole new dimension of meeting experiences. All participants are given an equal opportunity to be heard, seen, and engaged in a meeting thanks to the intelligent participant management techniques deployed by MS Teams Rooms. However, Microsoft Teams Rooms does not work alone. It takes a lot to ensure a seamless meeting experience. It needs an ecosystem that helps to blend virtual and physical interactions and makes it accessible to all.

Enterprises need to ensure that their meeting rooms are equipped with the right audio and video conferencing infrastructure. It will ensure that MS Teams Rooms can realize its full potential as the collaboration platform of the hybrid workplace. However, working on the audio-video integration in meeting rooms is not an easy task.

Companies usually partner with an audio-video integration partner that can do the job. Over the years, the advent of a hybrid work culture and newer meeting experiences call for more scrutiny over the selection process of such AV integrators as well as the tools and technologies they bring together to create the most optimal collaboration environment for an enterprise.

How should you select the right AV Integrator for MS Teams Rooms?

Let us explore the key factors that enterprises must consider while selecting an AV integrator for building an audio-video infrastructure to host MS Teams Rooms meetings effortlessly:

Ease of use

The foremost priority for enterprises with their audio-video infrastructure is to ensure that it is simple to operate. Meetings can be critical and employees may have to hop into conferencing calls without delays. But when they do so in a hybrid office meeting, it is extremely important to have the meeting room configurable easily.

The audio-video solutions used by the business in their meeting rooms must be able to support the integration of MS Teams Rooms. From easy controls to capturing the right participant frame while speaking, there are a lot of dynamics involved. Enterprises must ensure that these dynamics are handled smoothly by their AV solutions provider and that meetings and conferences happen seamlessly.

Integrations with communication hardware

We have seen how ease of use is a primary concern for hybrid workplace meeting rooms. Such rooms are often equipped with an array of powerful and complex communication hardware like video phone solutions or speakers. The AV integrator that is selected to build the necessary AV infrastructure should be able to comfortably adapt the right communication standards and protocols specified by leading hardware brands. For example, an AV integrator like Resurgent offers unparalleled support for devices from brands like Poly, Crestron, Yealink, etc. By striking partnerships with such brands, Resurgent is capable of equipping meeting rooms with AV solutions that blend into the conferencing requirements of MS Teams Rooms.

Support dynamic room sizes

There is no one-size-fits-all model in hybrid workplace meeting rooms. Some rooms may be big while some may be small. Some may be capable of being split into multiple rooms and flexible formats. When hosting MS Teams Rooms meetings in each of these rooms, there should be effortless integration of audio and video infrastructure irrespective of the prevailing format.

The AV integrator must be able to offer solutions that can be tailored to meet the requirements of any meeting room. No participant must feel that they are unable to connect effectively with their peers owing to incompatible AV infra in a smaller room. The solution provider needs to have a customizable suite of products that can be deployed across a multitude of meeting spaces.

Have the right AV optimization

Having the right AV infrastructure is about half of the story. The real potential of MS Teams Rooms is realized when the AV infrastructure offers automatic optimization of audio and video feeds to create a unified and seamless experience across employee locations. Features like echo suppression, noise cancellation, etc. along with dynamic video capturing are needed to make the final collaboration experience a worthy one.

The AV integrator selected should be able to bring on board the latest hardware and software components that support such features. Participant engagement in hybrid meetings relies heavily on the accurate capture of media sound and video feeds without distortions.

Summing it up

Enterprises need to ensure that sound and images in their meeting rooms are in perfect synchronization with the MS Teams Rooms infrastructure deployed. By leveraging an AV integrator’s partnership, your business can assure effortless and risk-free meeting experiences for all staff. What you need to do is to evaluate the partner’s capabilities in the areas outlined above.

This is where Resurgent can stand out as the perfect choice for enabling a smooth and seamless MS Teams Rooms experience in your company. Talk to us to know more.

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