Why I Am Very Confident the Pro AV Industry Is Poised for Growth!

In the past few years, economic conditions around the world have been extremely volatile. The pandemic, the Russia-Ukraine conflict, and the threat of an impending global recession — the environment has been quite turbulent. 

While short-term economic weakness is inevitable, long-term prospects seems to be largely unaffected, especially in the APAC region. APAC seems to have the strongest short-term outlook, with GDP expected to be 3.9% in 2023 and 4.4% in 2024. Markets like India and even Vietnam are surging ahead and China, while a shade weaker than earlier remains a giant opportunity for most.

As the role of technology expands across markets, the AV industry is growing simultaneously. Here’s why I believe that the pro AV market is poised for unmatched growth in the coming years. 

The AV Industry Is Set for Unprecedented Growth 

As supply constraints ease, many companies are now looking to move from CapEx to OpEx. This shift in mindset is causing a steady increase in the adoption of AV solutions delivered through innovative business models, which are constantly being upgraded with a slew of new features and capabilities.

According to reports, the pro AV market is set to add close to $100 billion in revenue over the next five years. From higher demand for digital signage solutions to the continued shift to hybrid working, here’s how the pro AV sector is mushrooming across different markets in the world: 

  • With APAC economies experiencing higher growth each year, they are the largest region for pro AV spending. From live events to digital signage, the industry is expanding at an accelerated rate. 
  • In the Americas, the growing popularity of hybrid meetings is driving the adoption of AV conferencing solutions for offices. In addition, the steady rise in company events is also leading to substantial growth in pro AV solutions. 
  • Even though EMEA is experiencing slower growth due to the ongoing war, online learning continues to be a popular model. The increasing focus on sustainability is also causing a steady growth in pro AV spending.

Cutting-Edge Solutions That Enable This Growth 

The AV industry is evening out across industries, with many regions expecting pre-pandemic adoption levels. While the corporate sector is driving the highest growth, sectors like media and entertainment, venues and events, and education are also contributing to the rise in revenue. Let’s look at some of the cutting-edge solutions that are driving this unprecedented pro AV growth:

Digital Signage

Digital signage solutions are receiving a massive push across the world. Offering a range of capabilities such as wayfinding, interactive touchscreens, and scheduled messaging, these solutions find application across a wide range of industries. In addition to being implemented in hospitals, restaurants, malls, and retail outlets, these solutions are also being extensively adopted at airports and railway stations to direct and inform travellers.


With security incidents growing in number and frequency, AV-based surveillance solutions are ensuring the physical safety of customers and employees as well as the security of valuable goods and equipment. Modern AV solutions can also help create a safe home environment through the implementation of smart cameras, occupancy sensors, and real-time monitoring capabilities. 

Video Conferencing

Video conferencing is another area that is driving the growth of pro AV platforms. Solutions like Microsoft Teams and Zoom Rooms help optimise workflows and streamline meetings, thus making enterprise-wide collaboration seamless. With features that give every employee (whether working remotely or from the office) an equal chance at the table, these AV solutions play a huge role in connecting people and improving productivity.

Control Rooms

Pro AV platforms lie at the heart of control rooms. They help improve the pace and effectiveness of incident response and security-related processes and are an integral part of modern network operations centres (NOC) and security operations centres (SOC). Through real-time data visibility, access to information, and remote collaboration, pro AV systems are helping strengthen the security posture of organisations.

Remote Learning

Pro AV solutions are also playing a huge role in making education more experiential. Modern audiovisual solutions augment the remote learning experience and boost interaction. Through advanced projection technology, smart interactive whiteboards, and streaming capabilities, pro AV integration solutions enhance the learning and teaching experience in both real and digital classrooms.

The Way Forward

As the world navigates the many economic uncertainties, the pro AV industry is undergoing a transformational shift. The rapid pace of technological advances, along with increasing demand for digital signage, surveillance, video conferencing, control rooms, and remote learning, is causing unparalleled growth for the sector.

If you want to weave your path through this dynamic and emerging landscape, you must explore solutions that foster growth and help you keep pace with your competitors. At Resurgent, we make sure technology acts as an enabler and not a barrier to effective communication. Our power skills, combined with our human-centric solution design and prestigious global affiliations and partnerships, enable us to pioneer the future of integrated AV communication for our clients.

Book a free consultation to explore how Resurgent’s suite of pro AV solutions can help you set the stage for improved productivity — regardless of the industry you belong to!  

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