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Emerging Use Cases for Digital Signage Solutions in The Post-Pandemic Enterprise

Emerging Use Cases for Digital Signage Solutions in The Post-Pandemic Enterprise

From schools to hospitals and office spaces – digital signage has come a long way. Many generations with increasingly sophisticated technology have emerged we have seen solutions evolve from simple LED screens into dynamic displays that can be transmitted across locations simultaneously.

Currently, digital signages are interactive technologies that allow users to experience advertisements, product menus, broadcast messages, and much more like never before. These interactive signages open up more ways to deliver customized or personalized information to viewers. For example, when users take photographs and then connect to their Instagram or other social media platforms to share that photo. But there are many uses for digital signages. Several of these uses will be especially sought-after in a post-pandemic world.

Emerging Uses for Digital Signages in a Post-Pandemic Company

1.      Welcoming People Remotely

As remote-working and social distancing will be here to stay for quite some time, creating excellent interpersonal experiences remotely will be important. Digital signage solutions can create an experience that’s as good as having a receptionist physically present. Using cloud technology and audio-visual solutions like our own Surge+, they create a vivid and welcoming experience. These allow teams to have a physical presence across several locations simultaneously – instantly.

Digital signages also allow businesses to display an array of content in an interesting, dynamic, and engaging way at the start of the physical engagement with a visitor or viewer. Welcome screens can show current events, video clips, the weather forecast, presentations, and more. These give businesses the option to show content that will set the stage for future interactions and also improve customer and employee experience. A great way to use a welcome screen is to show a brief history of the company, and the product and service descriptions. Waiting lists, safety instructions, and social media feeds can also be displayed.

2.      Remote Support Space

Digital signage solutions can create and deploy thousands of unique QR / NFC /Web Links that can be placed in any space or on any object. They eradicate the need to touch anything to get things accomplished. You can just scan through a mobile device and each code will direct its customers to a unique website. That website will be unique and can be customised to reflect branding that’s tailored to the situation. Our solutions to enable an efficient contactless enterprise in all areas including meeting rooms and presentation halls are great examples of how to do just that.

3.      Performance Aids

Digital signage solutions can enhance virtual meetings by acting as performance and progress dashboards. These can be configured to be displayed throughout the office building or in specific areas. Support ticket dashboards and virtual desks can generate reports. These can be targeted to various teams, such as customer success teams. Pipeline reports can be sent to your local sales units. These reports will be accurate. They will also be easy to access from different points. The visibility also helps employees keep the goal and their performance against that goal in view at all times.

4.      Virtual Assistance

These solutions remove any need for physical presence even when administrative help is required. Using it, individuals can scan or tap custom codes using a special device. These will have access to key information, staff, and functions. Common pens, touching hands, forms, and other forms of physical contact are eliminated. Everything is a tap away. Not only is this safe and in compliance with health regulations – but it’s also economical as companies will save on many physical resources that will no longer be needed.

5.      Jump Screen Technology

An innovative feature of our Surge+, this enables information to be screened in multiple locations as the person it is intended for moves. Tablet screens are put in different locations enabling staff to accompany their customers on their journeys. These create seamless experiences that will connect all the parties involved and transfer information in real-time. That’s done with clarity and speed. Staff will be able to assist their customers instantly and offer the best information possible. This technology can be placed in multiple locations, such as at a concierge desk where it can provide virtual registration forms and live human video assistance. One can fit into a boardroom, where it will give people customize session materials and tech support according to their needs.

A portable screen can be attached to enable your technician to install information specific to a single geographical location. One can even be placed in a retail environment where customers can access the latest information. They can also talk to your sales team without any hassles.

6.      Re-Enforcing Security Initiatives

Companies have already started to use digital signage announcements to reinforce their internal security initiatives. They broadcast important internal communications, such as how often employees should change their passwords and log out when they’re about to leave their computer. By doing this, the companies were able to leverage previously unused screens and spread important security messages simultaneously. Like this, there are many ways to creatively use this technology.

Measures like these will build the contactless enterprise of the future. Digital signage solutions will reduce human admin support, and so much more. With ongoing advancements in technology, there will be more ways to use these as well. From greater resolutions in large-format displays to direct-view LED – it’s an exciting space that adds a lot of value to the future-forward enterprise. If you’re interested in learning more about digital signage solutions for your enterprise, reach out to us.

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