Happiness Is Our Goal!

What is happiness? This is an age-old question. Philosophers say it’s the moral goal of life or an intellectual concern regarding existence and nature. Scientists declare it’s a release of chemicals triggered by biological, psychological, and social factors. Surgers affirm that happiness is working at Resurgent!

All companies like to believe that their people like working for them. But we do take measures to ensure our work family is indeed happy.

We even have a senior officer with the title of ‘Lead – Happiness’.

But what do we do to ensure such an atmosphere within our office walls? Let’s explore some of the steps we’ve taken.

Good Work Environment

When it comes to our people, we want them to feel honoured. It’s even in our company culture manifesto! It’s crucial to us that our employees are joyful. According to studies, 46% of job seekers cite company culture as very important, and 71% of executives say that employee engagement is critical to their company’s success. Then is it any wonder that good company culture plays such a big role in keep employees happy? Culturally, we’re becoming increasingly aware of mental health issues, and the way they impact our productivity, creativity, and our life in general. A healthy and nurturing company culture ensures happiness and peace to a good extent.

That’s why at Resurgent, we’ve focused on creating a positive atmosphere. We encourage our employees to be excited when taking on projects. That energy and positivity keep the room engaged and happy, even when some people are on-site or WFH!

We have many initiatives tailor-made to keep Surger spirits high. That includes Tea Talks – where we all gather on the floor during tea time. This is when Surgers can have talks with everyone and share their experiences and opinions. This is also when fun games and activities are conducted.

Approachable Senior Management

Having empathetic leaders in an organization is very important. 79% of employees will quit after receiving insufficient appreciation from their managers. Senior management and other leaders are the ones responsible for taking charge of situations and act as role models. They inspire and younger employees learn by watching too!

Plus, if employees spend the better of their days with these people, it’s only natural that a certain level of bonding will occur. Of course, that can go either way. Strong, nurturing bonds can be established – or terrible ones that drive employees to other companies!

But Surger leaders make it a point to be down to Earth, hands-on, and helpful. They’re always ready to help someone out if they’re stuck with a problem. Employees get the support they need, whether it’s from other colleagues or from the organization itself. Our management is friendly, helpful, and energetic.

Healthy Learning Atmosphere

We try to be a great company to work and learn at. We know that encourages employees to learn more, achieve more, and propel themselves to greater heights – taking us along with them! As in any technological field, staying aware of developments and upskilling accordingly is essential. That also keeps employees happy and engaged. It prepares them for the future, challenges them intellectually, and boosts their self-confidence. Otherwise, employees feel like they’re stagnating, and boredom sets in.

To make the most of this intellectual capital as well as ensure employee happiness, we provide numerous training and certification opportunities to improve our employees’ knowledge of audio-visual technology and its applications. With this training, we can brainstorm together and find out newer ways to revolutionize the way AV tech is used in various industries today. That makes every Surger a visionary in the making – both figuratively and literally!

Friendly Colleagues

This statistic mentions that close work friendships boost employee satisfaction by 50%. Is that surprising? If you’re going to spend close to 8-9 hours, 5-6 days a week with a certain set of people, it’s only natural you’ll develop a certain level of comfort and trust with them. Add to that the experience of challenging – and supporting – each other through work problems, then the association easily spills into friendship territory. That’s why it’s so important to have a friendly office atmosphere – so that these feelings can be nurtured and used in the right way to boost productivity.

During the pandemic, the importance of friendship enhanced the remote working experience. In the past, it was easy to feel like you’re a part of the team. But when relegated to your home and made to work by yourself, it’s difficult to cope for many. Checking in on each other’s welfare helped strengthen bonds even while working remotely. This will continue to be important as offices take on a hybrid form. It also helps to facilitate peer coaching.

We’re A Family

Finally, we want everyone to feel like they’re a part of a family. Resurgent is a part of a highly interesting field that is just going to grow over time. AV technology is here to stay and our team knows that. This is why they’re ready to work with each other every day for the long haul. In a similar vein, we ensure Surgers take care of our own, and we create that atmosphere so that every single person feels that support during their time here. Just ask our Lead – Happiness, Meghana Shetty!


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