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How AV Solutions impact Employee Productivity

How AV Solutions impact Employee Productivity

As workplaces slowly reopen, given that hybrid models will continue to prevail for a while yet, along with ensuring safety for their employees, organizations will also have to figure out how to enable and empower a scattered workforce. 

The ‘New Normal’ requires workplaces that have improved connectivity and increased functionality. That is where modern audiovisual (AV) solutions can help create fully-collaborative workplaces that promote employee productivity and improve effectiveness.

As more and more people work from different locations, there is a need to connect them to their team members working from the offices. AV solutions will have a big role to play in making this process seamless in modern digital workplaces.Role AV solutions can play: 

Creating collaborative workspaces

AV tools can help create hyper collaborative workspaces. It’s not just about giving the employees the ability to connect anywhere in the world but also about enabling them to be more productive, efficient, and collaborative than ever.

Think of the videoconferencing tool, Zoom. During the pandemic, Zoom’s revenue skyrocketed to $777 million up 367% from the same period last year. Collaboration solutions like Microsoft Teams also captured enterprise attention with rich functionality and security.

Using digital signages to improve employee communication 

Digital signages are quite popular as commercial displays but they can also be utilized in workplaces to improve internal communications, thereby driving collaboration, engagement, and alignment. Some common ways in which digital signages can be used in workplaces include –

  • Digital signage solutions can be used to let employees communicate their ideas. After getting approval from team leaders, employees can display their ideas. It’s a form of employee empowerment that encourages internal dialogue.
  • Digital signages can be used to display employee profiles so that people get to know their co-workers. These signages can be a part of various ‘Get to Know’ programs for companies.
  • Digital signages can be used to advertise special company events like meetings, training, or company celebrations.

Creating adaptable and flexible workplaces  

Workplaces these days look more like creative zones than the traditional offices of yesterday. Employees these days want places of work that are comfortable, engaging, and collaborative.

Companies can thus use AV tools to break siloes by allowing employees the flexibility to work from wherever they want. AV tools can be used to share screens, record meetings, and chat with team members. All these factors help enhance productivity and efficiency in employees.

Huddle rooms

These days, many offices are opting for multiple huddle rooms instead of multiple large conference rooms. These huddle rooms are small meeting areas where employees can interact quickly and easily. Huddle rooms are ideal for open office environments where small teams need to get together, and AV solutions are an important part of these huddle rooms.

Some key benefits that huddle rooms could offer include –

  • Using the right AV tools, these huddle rooms can prove to be ideal for brainstorming sessions, team meetings, and webinars.
  • They can cut down on most unproductive meetings by creating more intimate meetings for smaller groups. This helps everyone feel involved and keeps the employees productive.
  • Since most huddle rooms are equipped with AV solutions, employees can easily connect with their colleagues or partners sitting remotely.
  • Smaller meeting rooms also mean that only relevant employees attend the meeting, thus improving productivity. With a smaller group, there is a higher chance of finding definite solutions.

AV solutions can support employee collaboration, communication, and performance play. In this way, they can play an important role in improving employee productivity and effectiveness, especially in this post-COVID world. We say this with the experience of having transformed many workplaces by using modern AV solutions by virtue of being trusted AV integrators for the world’s leading companies.

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