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How Can Retail Stores Engage, Entertain, and Inform in the Face of Changing Customer Behavior ?

How Can Retail Stores Engage, Entertain, and Inform in the Face of Changing Customer Behavior ?

India’s retail sector is expanding at an accelerating rate, making it the fifth-largest retail destination in the world. According to a report by BCG, the industry will likely surpass USD 2 trillion by 2032, growing at a CAGR of almost 10%. This demand has increased as a result of online shopping, which has given today’s consumers new opportunities and horizons.

However, businesses are having a difficult time dominating this B2C retail space as a result of the rising competition brought on by the growing number of customers. To adapt to changing consumer demands, retail establishments and brands must be proactive in entertaining and enticing customers. A recent report outlined that over 70% of consumers expect a personalised experience. Indeed, personalisation is the key to winning customers’ loyalty today.

Let’s try to understand how modern technology can support retail businesses in retaining and attracting consumers in the face of fierce competition.

Need for Retail Stores to Acquire and Retain Customers

Retail Therapy Is an Actual Need

Retail therapy is real; people need it when they’re stressed or upset. Brands must focus on thinking outside the box to attract and engage customers through this retail therapy that is never out of style, especially as both online and offline retail markets proliferate.

Increase Customer Trust in the Brand

Brand positioning is the utmost necessity right now, and businesses must make significant efforts to boost consumer confidence in order to win their loyalty. The retail industry is expanding rapidly, and so are the competitors in the market (nearly 13 million retail stores) dispersed across the country’s demographics. Since a few major players have been enjoying market dominance, new players must raise the value of their brands to gain trust.

How Retail Stores Can Retain Customers

Personalised Shopping Experience

As previously mentioned, a significant portion of modern consumers wants a more individualised shopping experience. Personal recommendations based on their browsing history can be used to accomplish this, making it simpler to match each customer with the appropriate product. 

Virtual reality (VR) is another way that some businesses are leveraging to enhance purchase experiences. This is particularly popular when customers, for example, are trying to find the right shade for their skin tone. Offering individualised customer service through the use of dedicated agents or chatbots to respond to all of the customer’s questions is another intriguing way to customise the entire shopping experience.

Innovative applications (like, dare we say, our product, Surge) provides a fantastic system for direct customer interaction. This is a great way to get advice or a professional opinion on a good or service. Even if they are not in the same place, the customer and brand representative can communicate easily, giving the customer a highly personalised experience.

Digital Signage for Engagement

Imagine walking into a retail establishment with such drab aesthetics that it immediately strikes you as unnecessary and out of place. In order to attract new customers, it is crucial to match the look and feel of the brand to its core service. Digital signage is a fantastic tactic used by retail establishments today to improve the atmosphere of the space and entice customers to shop more wisely. The right signage elevates the brand’s aesthetics and communicates the right message, enhancing the brand’s overall reputation.

This can be accomplished by integrating top-of-the-line AV solutions with stunning sound and visuals using 4k resolution LED displays in the store. Resurgent offers PADS4 Digital Signage Solutions with customisable messages, scheduling options, performance optimisation, and adaptability, among other features, for a rich user experience.

Smart Digital Wayfinding Solutions

The right product segment must be easily accessible in retail stores for customers to have a successful shopping experience without becoming disoriented. Companies now spend money on interactive or digital kiosks that can be positioned at various dividers and sections for effective wayfinding. By entering the relevant data, mobile apps can also be used to locate the product’s location in the store. This opens up a channel that enables navigating the store quickly and effectively.

These innovative, AV-integrated solutions provide premium visual information through digital kiosks, wayfinding software, and other means.

Using a Public Address System

Retail establishments can also occasionally play audio announcements over the intercom to alert customers to appealing deals and direct them to a particular area for a closer look. This is made possible by effective audio-visual integration in the retail space, which increases customer engagement and quickly grabs their attention. These audio solutions achieve maximum traction by utilising the most recent microphones, speakers, and amplifiers.

The Case for Brand Experience Centres

In order to improve the relationship-building between the brand and the customer, retail stores can also invest in brand experience centres. Our products, like the Samsung Flip, make content collaborative and interactive for a long-lasting effect on the users. 

This can be accomplished by showcasing the goods and tales using AV tools like public address speakers and amplifiers for the best audio that can be heard clearly, even in large spaces. We also provide controllers and microphones so that the staff can easily control the content display according to the situation. Contact our team of experts if your retail store needs to be boosted with best-in-industry AV-integrated solutions to impress and attract today’s demanding customers. 

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