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Is AI Coming to the Pro AV World?

Is AI Coming to the Pro AV World?

Artificial intelligence (AI) has seeped into every aspect of the business world. Whether for improved predictive maintenance or proactive customer service, the technology continues to make a transformational impact on every workflow, process, and business. In the Pro AV world too, AI is driving a paradigm shift in curating the ideal workplace experience.  

The Adoption of AI in the Pro AV Space

A recent survey by AV market intelligence firm AVIXA identified AI as a boon for the AV industry, with 41% of respondents being positive about the impact of AI on the industry. So, what’s driving this widespread growth of AI in the Pro AV space?

The need to strike a collaboration and engagement balance between in-office and remote participants is a major driver for AI adoption in the Pro AV industry. With hybrid working becoming a norm, AI features streamline meeting experiences for all. In addition, enhancing employee engagement and simplifying meeting room management are also driving the growth of AI in the AV industry.

  • AI offers the power to analyze historical data and offer recommendations for allocating rooms and scheduling meetings based on factors such as demand and availability.
  • AI-based facial recognition technology helps streamline meeting check-ins and improve security by quickly and accurately identifying participants.
  • Computer vision can monitor real-time occupancy in conferences and ensure meeting real estate is used efficiently.
  • AI-powered tools can help improve engagement  through interactive elements such as real-time polls, quizzes, and virtual whiteboards.
  • AI technology can be used to generate and distribute meeting agendas, send automated reminders, and even assign tasks to participants before and after the meeting.
  • AI can also help manage information overload by offering automated notetaking and summarization services – ensuring key takeaways are clearly documented and understood.

AI Use Cases in Pro AV

As the future of work continues to evolve, organizations across sectors seek a single, integrated experience that makes working together easier. Whether employees are in the same room or work remotely, they look to bridge the gap between physical and digital workspaces and enable great hybrid meetings and collaboration experiences. AI delivers all the capabilities enterprise leaders need in today’s hybrid era:

  1. Give everyone a chance to be heard and seen with AI-powered audio and video: In a hybrid meeting setup, ensuring every participant is seen and heard is never easy. AI-powered features like front row layout, noise suppression, and bandwidth optimization allow everyone to participate and collaborate – regardless of their location and device.
  2. Ensure equal engagement between remote and in-room participants: Artificial intelligence makes it easy for remote participants to establish their presence in a meeting through rich collaboration. Features like wireless content sharing, raise a hand, and live reactions minimize the problems caused by people talking over each other and keeping track of questions coming in.
  3. Conduct intelligent device management: With a focus on user and administrator workflows, Pro AV solutions pave the way for predictive maintenance and intelligent troubleshooting.  By analyzing a massive set of signals, including device configurations, network traffic, vulnerabilities, and user behaviour, Pro AV solutions power more informed decisions across the device management portfolio, including device replacement, software updates, and capacity increases.
  4. Ensure seamless scalability across diverse spaces: Enterprise communication platforms that use AI allow companies to scale meeting rooms and spaces to many sizes and needs. Leveraging inclusive video layouts and intelligent device support, admins can optimize hybrid meeting experiences and ensure a consistent meeting experience for one and all.
  5. Automate device management and security: Great meeting experiences demand a high level of security and operations. Pro AV solutions that have AI embedded in them deliver essential enterprise-grade management and security capabilities such as access control, remote configuration of devices, device health information, and more.  

The Microsoft Teams Rooms Pro Advantage

Microsoft Teams Rooms Pro leverages an array of AI features and delivers a meeting experience that is seamless, intuitive, and intelligent. With new innovations and the Teams Rooms Pro Management platform, it delivers several benefits across hybrid meeting experiences and device management.

With a focus on inclusivity, ease of use, flexibility, security, and management, Microsoft Teams Rooms allows for the perfect sound and image symphony by offering:

  • Advanced AI-enabled camera capabilities like automatic framing that seamlessly captures the active speaker and ensures they are positioned correctly.
  • Chat bubbles that alert in-room participants to the conversation happening online, so nothing gets missed.
  • The raise hand feature allows participants to let the host know they would like to speak and makes hybrid meetings as conversational and inclusive as possible.  
  • AI-enabled device maintenance schedules and tasks that automate the device management process and reduce the load on the IT help desk.
  • A robust management platform and portal that automates updates, problem detection, and resolution at scale across different devices and OSes.

Ride the Pro AV AI Wave with Resurgent

As AV trends continue to evolve, AI offers a transformative potential. From intelligent scheduling to robust device management, AI is poised to upend the way meetings are conducted. Offering the power to amplify components that underpin meetings, AI is all set to increase engagement, maintain inclusivity, and boost scalability and security.

Looking to integrate AI into your meeting experience? Learn how Resurgent can help you streamline hybrid meetings with Microsoft Teams Rooms implementation.

Read what it took to deliver 60+ Microsoft Teams Rooms to a pharma giant.

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