The Top Qualities Surger Sales Professionals Share

The past year was an exciting one for us at Resurgent. Despite the Coronavirus pandemic, we were able to power through it and grow. We’re thankful that our dedication to creating a clear value proposition, strong relationships with our partners, and meaningful client relationships have safeguarded us.We are confident of even better days ahead. In fact, we are ready to onboard a new cadre of sales professionals who can take us to the next level.We have a very clear idea of whom we want to join the Surger family. We have a reputation for being “trusted AV integrators for the world’s leading companies”. Rome wasn’t built in a day, neither was this reputation. We want people who are ready to uphold our values and work with integrity.

We are looking for people who will make the most out of an environment that fosters incredible personal growth, advancement in career, and learning potential. Our sales team would be the face of Resurgent. They’ll be responsible for taking our state-of-the-art technology solutions to some of the topmost companies and their leadership in this region.

The Two Types of Sales Maverick

The Action Hero or Heroine

This type of sales wiz gets tons of business because of an unparalleled ability to articulate the value proposition of the world-class products in the company’s portfolio. They know exactly which traits of their product basket will appeal to a particular prospect. This person sights opportunities quickly and matches the exact offering in that specific gap. They are the champions of the elevator pitch. They’ll bring up the exact feature that needs to be brought up at that moment. They can pinpoint the prospect’s most pressing need at a glance and explain how the product satisfies it.

For example, if one is pitching audio-visual technology to a training institution, what would you say to them? Would you highlight the sophistication of the technology? Or would you talk about how studies show that 70% of students agree that visual aids help in motivation? The quick-thinking Action Hero/Heroine would point out the latter, along with information on how presenting data visually is faster than any other method.

The Second Kind – The Consultant

The Consultant is someone who does a lot of things for a long time. They are in it for the long haul but know that the effort will be worth it in the end. They invest themselves into the prospect organization by understanding different aspects of it. Some of these facets are:

  • Details of their client’s businesses and sore points that should be addressed. Their vision extends to tomorrow’s pains as well as today’s issues
  • The different uses and applications of the world-class products in hand
  • Opportunities for creating integrated solutions
  • Using research and creativity, they’re able to help the various stakeholders get exactly what they need

The Consultant builds long-term relationships with their prospects, their partners, and whoever else they’re working with. Their approach is based on strategy, and careful research, and planning and is solution oriented.

The Surger Sales Pro

What we at Resurgent are looking for is a third type of salesperson. One who has artfully combined both sets of qualities mentioned earlier. Someone who can take the outstanding products in our portfolio and show them to new clients. Also, someone who can advise leading enterprises on how these products can come together to create powerful solutions that deliver massive value as a whole. We want an individual who can take each part of the sales cycle – from prospecting to closing – and humanize it. While keeping our products at the forefront at all times.

Whether you’re intrigued by presales, sales, or management – if you possess these qualities and are analytical, assertive, friendly, and expressive – you’ll feel right at home with us. We’re a company dedicated to transforming careers every day and we happily give a platform for our employees to do amazing things.

If you think you break conventional molds and fit our description, then reach out to us. Along with a very attractive package, we have a transparent (and lucrative) sales incentive policy and a separate performance bonus component driven by overall performance. The possibilities are endless and so are your opportunities with us at Resurgent.

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