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What goes into Resurgent commitment of end-to-end quality?

What goes into Resurgent commitment of end-to-end quality?

Collaboration is the art that brings out the best in teams and organizations. A great collaborative experience plays a key role in helping shape better work culture. Similarly, clear communication is the foundation of every great relationship between brands and their customers. This is why brands are seen as the sum of all the experiences they provide.

We at Resurgent realize the key role of AV solutions in both these scenarios. And our customers recognize that too! The solutions we provide today power interactive collaborations and communications at some of the best-run businesses in the world.We recognize just how crucial AV solutions are to our customers, we focus extensively on improving the quality of Audio Video solution delivery.

This quest for quality reflects not just in the fact that we carry some of the very best products in the world but also in the working principles we practice at every step.

We are conscious that at this level the best products need to come together in carefully designed solutions and then supplemented with expert technical services to create the world-class experience our customers expect. We believe in taking full ownership, beyond just hardware delivery. This is why our engineers and consultants are highly knowledgeable and inclined to adopt a consultative approach to focus on the problem the AV installation is supposed to solve.

In fact, implementing and supporting the maintenance of a high-quality product is just one facet of our multi-pronged approach to quality assurance.

Let’s walk you through the stages of customer interaction before, during, and after a successful project. Here is how we assure quality at every step of that journey:

Sales & Marketing

Our sales and marketing operations are tasked with establishing the first connection with a prospective customer identified through our lead generation channels. Our quality focus is demonstrated early in this phase through the care we take to understand the specific stated and unstated needs of the business.

we then ensure that the customer is made fully aware of all facets of the situation and likely solutions, with the pros and cons of each. We showcase how our solutions enable leading organizations similar to theirs derive value, and also provide suitable evidence. The sales team also plays an active role in liaising with the solution design team to help create a better solution design that perfectly blends into the customer’s scenario.


From the initiation of the first conversation with a prospective customer, our solution consultants focus on ensuring that the customer gets exposed to the robust solutions from our panel of world-class OEM partners. Every technology brings with it specific features and benefits and this impacts their fitment into a specific solution-set. The customer’s needs, unique requirements, or challenges are factored into the custom solution that is put together. The dimensions of the solution are frozen and demonstrated during subsequent discussions and clarifications. Then, all things going well, we get a go-ahead from the customer for solution implementation.


This is the tangible core of what we deliver. In the implementation phase, the physical assets are installed and integrated into the customer’s environment and made ready for use at first time. We work with the customer across a broad array of items defined in the project scope ranging from finalizing the Statement of Work (SOW) and creating project team-wise breakdown of tasks to commissioning the implemented systems.

This stage also includes end-user training as well as system training to help the employees of our customers acquaint themselves with the new range of AV solutions. Our quality team ensures that every stage within the implementation phase follows a clearly defined process, adheres to all the relevant standards, and maintains a strict emphasis on testing for quality concerns. The aim is to provide the customer with transparency and predictability at this crucial stage.

Procurement & Supply Chain

We recognize that to guarantee an end-to-end high-quality experience for our customers, our efforts must go beyond traditional operational boundaries. For instance, we believe that top-quality solutions demand top-quality products, so we rigorously screen and qualify every OEM partner solution we add to our portfolio.

We have also fine-tuned our logistics and supply chain function. Very often products need to be brought from other cities or even countries and despite best efforts, delays can happen. To allow for that, we have made our procurement processes smarter and integrated with the implementation processes to ensure that delivery timelines are factored into project plans. We have also added agility into our procurement practices to ensure we source products with “fastest route” delivery and fallback options built-in.

Business Finance

Our focus on quality demands that we be transparent in all our internal and external dealings from drafting agreements, issuing invoices based on milestones, to defining and tracking budgets. We ensure that roles and responsibilities are tightly defined for all stakeholders and processes are clearly set out. Tracking and monitoring is also an important consideration built into each stage.

We recognize that this is a complex undertaking. To bring some order to the chaos, we follow some steps that help guide our actions at each stage. These steps are:

  • Establish standards
  • Qualification & control
  • Garner feedback
  • Engage with clients
  • Continuous improvement

This helps us ensure that irrespective of the stage, we design great processes, execute them rigorously, and track and monitor them continuously for impact and ongoing improvements. By following these best practices in all areas of our operations, we ensure that we continue to be seen as “Trusted AV Integrators For The World’s Leading Companies”.

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