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Why Enterprises Are Embracing Unified Communications with a VC Heart ?

Why Enterprises Are Embracing Unified Communications with a VC Heart ?

In a world striving toward digital transformation, technology is driving evolution at a rapid pace. One major change that is happening is in the workplace. Today, the workplace environment isn’t just limited to a specific office location. With the global workforce now enjoying the perks of a hybrid work model, companies are increasingly embracing unified communications but with a deep focus on video conferencing

Unified Communications Technology Is Experiencing a Surge in Adoption

As technology continues to evolve, the business world has entered an era where the workplace has moved from the concrete four walls of an office building to an array of different screens, locations, and time zones. While this model offers professionals the freedom to work from the place (and device) of their choice, for businesses, it means having to overhaul their approach to enterprise communications.

To enable employees to hone their skills and pursue new opportunities across the globe, organisations need to find new ways to enable workplace collaboration. This has led to a sudden and widespread surge in the adoption of unified communications (UC) technology. According to a report by Gartner, global unified communications spending will grow at a CAGR of 4.1% to reach $50.8 billion in 2025.

So, what does unified communications technology bring to the workplace? 

  • Unified communications enable a seamless and interruption-free way for geographically dispersed employees to engage and work to meet common goals. 
  • Using various communication tools and mediums, it allows for a higher level of interaction, breaking down rigid enterprise silos. 
  • Incorporating a range of messaging, voice, and video features, unified communications offer employees everything they need to work together, solve problems, and do their daily jobs with ease. 
  • Features like screen and document sharing make it easier for teams to work together, regardless of their physical locations, leading to increased productivity and faster decision-making.
  • Offering easy access to modern tools, unified communications allow employees to stay connected and productive whether they are in the office, at home, or on the go.

But Increasingly More Organisations Are Now Seeking Advanced Video Conferencing Capabilities

With the right UC tools in place, organisations can drive higher levels of productivity, encourage stronger performance, and minimise turnover. But just a handful of voice and chat capabilities are no longer sufficient. In a world that’s now spread across vast spaces, organisations need to enable higher levels of engagement and productivity. This has led to the rise in UC solutions with advanced video conferencing (VC) capabilities.

With a large percentage of employees now working via a hybrid model, video conferencing allows them to overcome the limitations that remote working brings. Offering a broad selection of conferencing environments, virtual meeting spaces, and huddle rooms, VC allows the hybrid workforce to communicate and collaborate better. 

With immersive, real-time capabilities, it allows the world of globally dispersed onsite and remote teams to:

Actively Participate in Discussions

Tools like Zoom Rooms take HD video collaboration to the next level. Offering a range of AI-powered smart features, Zoom Rooms provides the ideal modern workspace, enabling in-person and remote teams to participate and interact in real-time. It allows teams to see, hear, and communicate better with peers via a range of flawless, high-definition audio and video capabilities across desktops and mobiles. 

Enjoy a Consistent Collaboration Experience

Regardless of the device or location, VC platforms like Crestron Flex pave the way for seamless, consistent, and productive enterprise communication. With Crestron Flex, employees can walk into any space and enjoy a plethora of advanced audio/video, wireless conferencing, and smart room control. From home offices to office spaces, Crestron Flex connects everyone reliably and securely. 

Boost Productivity

As the hybrid workplace changes the way teams communicate, video conferencing platforms like Yealink enhance collaboration between dispersed departments and branches. Enabling real-world-like face-to-face communication beyond the boundaries of conference rooms, Yealink helps to boost productivity and collaboration across a diverse set of web-based environments and devices. 

Be Part of an Efficient Workspace

Webcams and video conferencing solutions like Logitech are designed for the enterprise and offer unmatched resolution and field of view. Adjustable mounting and lighting and seamless integrations with various enterprise tools allow for problem- and stress-free meetings, enabling teams to look and feel their best during meetings. With noise-cancelling capabilities, these tools eliminate unnecessary background sounds and distractions, giving every voice a presence. 

The Bottom Line

In a fast-paced world that is penetrating global boundaries, unified communications offer the perfect solution for users that refuse to be restrained by physical locations. Integrating diverse communication tools and applications across any business environment, UC tools enable teams to connect seamlessly and productively in the hybrid workplace

But as more and more employees now work from different remote and onsite locations, video conferencing capabilities have become extremely sought after. Offering an array of advanced, immersive, and real-time capabilities, video conferencing ensures everyone is equally active in the same discussion, and no one feels out of the loop. 

Invest in unified communication systems today to forge deeper connections and enjoy next-level productivity and efficiency across your hybrid workforce.

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